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{append} is used for creating or appending template variable arrays during the execution of a template.


Attribute Required Description
var The name of the variable being assigned
value The value being assigned
index (optional) The index for the new array element. If not specified the value is append to the end of the array.
scope (optional) The scope of the assigned variable: parent, root or global. Defaults to local if omitted.

Option Flags

Name Description
nocache Assigns the variable with the 'nocache' attribute


Assignment of variables in-template is essentially placing application logic into the presentation that may be better handled in PHP. Use at your own discretion.


{append var='name' value='Bob' index='first'}
{append var='name' value='Meyer' index='last'}
// or 
{append 'name' 'Bob' index='first'} {* short-hand *}
{append 'name' 'Meyer' index='last'} {* short-hand *}

The first name is {$name.first}.<br>
The last name is {$name.last}.

The above example will output:

The first name is Bob.
The last name is Meyer.

See also append() and getTemplateVars().