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{html_image} is a custom function that generates an HTML <img> tag. The height and width are automatically calculated from the image file if they are not supplied.


Attribute Name Required Description
file Yes name/path to image
height No Height to display image (defaults to actual image height)
width No Width to display image (defaults to actual image width)
basedir no Directory to base relative paths from (defaults to web server doc root)
alt no Alternative description of the image
href no href value to link the image to
path_prefix no Prefix for output path
  • basedir is the base directory that relative image paths are based from. If not given, the web server's document root $_ENV['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] is used as the base. If security is enabled, then the image must be located in the $secure_dir path of the security policy. See the Security section for details.

  • href is the href value to link the image to. If link is supplied, an <a href="LINKVALUE"><a> tag is placed around the image tag.

  • path_prefix is an optional prefix string you can give the output path. This is useful if you want to supply a different server name for the image.

  • All parameters that are not in the list above are printed as name/value-pairs inside the created <img> tag.


{html_image} requires a hit to the disk to read the image and calculate the height and width. If you don't use template caching, it is generally better to avoid {html_image} and leave image tags static for optimal performance.


{html_image file='pumpkin.jpg'}
{html_image file='/path/from/docroot/pumpkin.jpg'}
{html_image file='../path/relative/to/currdir/pumpkin.jpg'}

Example output of the above template would be:

<img src="pumpkin.jpg" alt="" width="44" height="68" />
<img src="/path/from/docroot/pumpkin.jpg" alt="" width="44" height="68" />
<img src="../path/relative/to/currdir/pumpkin.jpg" alt="" width="44" height="68" />